Thank you for taking an interest in understanding adhesives and bonding. Adhesives have allowed for great technological leaps forward (e.g. touchscreens and LCDs), and today, they can be found in just about every application. They are stronger and more reliable than ever before, and they’ve made numerous products safer, lighter and more reliable. The content you’ll find here explores the basics of adhesives, bonded assemblies, and how to engineer with them reliably.

Our goal with this book is to help you make informed decisions that improve the efficacy of bonded joints within assemblies and open up more design possibilities. By making our technical and scientific knowledge of adhesives available, we hope to help you overcome design challenges, increase the reliability of bonded joints and product life, and reduce costs. Ultimately, our hope is that you will use this expertise to overcome a wide range of design and engineering challenges.

This book is the culmination of our 65+ years as a leading manufacturer of adhesives and features the expert knowledge of more than 40 contributors. This book would not have been possible without their efforts. As we have developed and manufactured adhesive technology and built expert engineering and product development teams, we have learned how to help shape advancements in manufacturing and maintenance processes and seen how adhesives can unlock limitless potential.

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