1.1.3 Mechanical Joint: Keyway

Keyways transmit torque between a shaft and gear by means of a rectangular key secured to the shaft by dowels, pins or set screws. Machining costs for tolerances required by keyways may be significant. The diameter of a shaft in which a key is seated must be increased by up to 30% to accommodate the key while supporting the torque load.

Figure 7 Shaped joints with intermediate elements as a key
Figure 8 Fastening methods for cylindrical joints between shaft and element on shaft (gear, pulley) mounted using a keyway and set-screw
Figure 9 Shaft diameter must be increased to accommodate a key

1.1.4 Mechanical Joint: Folding or Clinching

Two pieces of sheet metal can be connected to each other by folding or bending tabs in the form of a buckle and a clamping slot in a folded joint. This assembly method is relatively quick, reliable, economical and convenient.

However, folded metal joints do not seal and may be susceptible to corrosion. These types of joints require a relatively long contact area to provide strength and are not suitable for plastics.

Figure 10 Examples of mechanically folded joints

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