Cosmetic Appearance

The aesthetics of a product can be critical to ensuring that end users perceive the quality of a product to be high, so a designer or manufacturer needs to use a joining method that can provide the desired aesthetics. Figures 57 and 58 show some examples.

Figure 57 Aesthetics of a riveted assembly are remarkably different from a bonded assembly Automation vs Manual Assembly

Determining the most suitable production process is based on multiple parameters. The daily production rate is generally a good starting point.

Joining methods should be compatible with automation machines and robots to keep up with the production demands. For example, welding and adhesive bonding can be automated simultaneously on the same production line, while assembling fasteners and adhesive bonding cannot be easily automated.

Figure 58 Closeup of weld line on aluminium metal parts and adhesive bonded joint
Figure 59 Adhesive bonding can be easily automated on the production line
Figure 60 Example of robots being used for welding in car manufacturing

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