In 1876, Fritz Henkel’s pioneering spirit led him to recognise the need for a universal detergent based on silicate. From that day forward, Henkel’s focus on solving technical challenges has helped us build a vast body of expertise as a global manufacturer of adhesives, specialty coatings, laundry products and beauty care products.

LOCTITE®, one of Henkel’s flagship brands, reflects and drives much of that expertise. As the global leader in bonding, sealing and specialty coatings, our passion for solutions that unlock the limitless potential of man and machine allows us to provide the support you need to solve your design, engineering, assembly and maintenance challenges. Our global leadership position in the adhesives market could not have been achieved without the expertise, dedication and knowledge of LOCTITE® and our technical teams across the globe. It is our intention that this expert series will be used as a reference text that enables you to unleash the potential of adhesive technologies beyond the obvious.

By driving innovation and working collaboratively with customers, channel partners, industry leaders and academia, we have helped enable our partners to achieve technological breakthroughs beyond their expectations. Our mission is to create substantial new value for our customers and facilitate sustainable growth. Many customers have commented on the expertise of the LOCTITE® teams with which they interact. The compliment is well-earned, as our people include many leading patent holders and members of certification bodies. They are some of the finest minds in industry, and their deep knowledge of current technologies, combined with their focus on the future, will be a great support to you in the development of new applications.

Now, just as our innovation and partners have enabled us to build our expertise, we want to empower you. While the expertise of our technical teams is a source of great pride to us, our greater goal is to help you solve your technical challenges by providing insight into adhesive technologies. This module, part of the ‘Adhesive Technologies Expert Bonding Collection’ on bonding, sealing and specialty coating applications, is part of that effort.

We are proud to share our expertise with you in this module, our face-to-face and virtual interactions, and in digital books and e-learnings within our LoctiteX digital content platform. We hope the knowledge we’ve assembled here will help make your products and assemblies more powerful, sustainable, durable and efficient and will have a positive impact on your business beyond your expectations!

With pride and gratitude,

Dr. Nigel Fay

Corporate Vice President Innovation & Application Engineering Henkel Adhesives Technologies

Dr. Kourosh Bahrami

Senior Vice President Henkel Adhesives Technologies

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