6.6.3 Anaerobic Thread Sealants

In the imperfect world of mechanical assemblies, threaded pipe components require supplementary sealants for sealing due to vibration or changes in pressure or temperature.

Threaded assemblies are designed to maintain clamp load and thus keep the two parts together. In some cases, a threaded assembly is also meant to seal in fluids or to provide an environmental barrier. Pipes are widely used to transport and store various media, such as gases and fluids, and threaded connections are often used for connecting the pipework in pressure systems. Leaks in these connections cost customers money, cause quality issues and are a potential safety hazard.

Anaerobic thread sealants seal the gap between the threads, eliminating those leaks. Consideration must be given to attributes such as easy disassembly for future maintenance, contamination-free systems, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, maximum pressure and thread type.

Figure 188 Anaerobic thread sealants complete geometrical seal

Advantages of anaerobic thread sealants

  • Curing when confined to threaded metal joints
  • Can be used for any type of metal and any type of thread
  • Seal and lock
  • Suitable up to burst pressure of pipe
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No contamination inside the hydraulic system
  • Re-positionable while in an uncured state

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