Double Strap Joint

A double strap joint uses two belts or straps to reinforce the joint. A strap is bonded to each side of the main substrate along the entire length of the bond. Not only does this type of joint make it possible to increase the bonded contact surface significantly, but it also greatly improves the mechanical and bending strength of the joint when compared to other joints. Though this is a very strong joint, aesthetic considerations may eliminate this joint from consideration.

Figure 110 Double strap joint Recessed Double Strap Joint

A recessed double strap joint is made by mechanically machining the joint ends and creating a butt connection reinforced by two straps or belts. It does not alter the joint dimensions but creates a larger bonding area and a better distribution of stresses. The processing or machining to achieve this joint configuration is complex; however, this joint provides high flexural strength and is well suited to handling a wide variety of stresses, including peel, shear and impact. This is one of the most effective joints that can be created with adhesives.

Figure 111 Recessed double strap

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