7.6 Failure Mode Analysis and Troubleshooting Help

Troubleshooting adhesive failure can be a complex and frustrating task; however, there is always expert help available to help you overcome challenges and aid your investigation. Henkel technical specialists are a particularly valuable resource. Please reach out to your local technical helpline for further assistance.

For country specific technical support inquires, please use the contact number or email provided. For all other inquiries in countries or regions not listed please go to our global contact page.


Contact Us: https://www.henkel-adhesives.com/

Western Europe Germany German +498001003170 technischer.service@henkel.com
UK & Ireland English +441442278100 technicalservice.loctite@henkel.com
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+34932904905 tecnico.industria@henkel.com
Italy Italian +39800694255 teamtecnico@henkel.com
France French +33164177070 internet.hotlineagfrance@henkel.com
North America USA English 1-800-562-8483 tech.services@henkel.com
Canada English French 1-800-263-5043
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Guatemala Spanish +50223370000
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