We’ve gathered the most common questions asked by customers and distributors.


What is LOCTITE®X?

LOCTITE®X is an online learning environment providing free access to 70 years of combined product, industry, application, and engineering expertise. LOCTITE®X consists of our Digital Manual for Bonding, a comprehensive guide to creating reliable and effective bonded joints, and LOCTITE®XPLORE, an e-learning track with a wide array of hands-on, custom-built training courses.

How do I get access to LOCTITE®X?

When you visit LOCTITE®X, you are asked to log in using your username and password. If you don’t have an account, you can quickly and easily create one. Once logged in, you can access all available content - 100% free.

What features does the Digital Manual for Bonding offer?

In addition to a vast amount of knowledge, the Digital Manual for Bonding provides a search function for users to find specific items quickly. It also allows users to add bookmarks, highlight essential items, and make notes for personal records. The Digital Manual also has an offline mode option for users without stable internet access.