A digital collection of our technical and scientific knowledge to help you make informed decision when it comes to designing more effective, reliable and durable products.

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Our goal with this book is to help you make informed decisions that improve the efficacy of bonded joints within assemblies and open up more design possibilities.

By making our technical and scientific knowledge of adhesives available, we hope to help you overcome design challenges, increase the reliability of bonded joints and product life, and reduce costs.

Ultimately, our hope is that you will use this expertise to overcome a wide range of design and engineering challenges.

70+ years

as a leading manufacturer of adhesives and features the expert knowledge of more than 40 contributors.

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Section 1

Introduction to joining

Section 2

The Basics to joining

Section 3

The Evolution of joining

Section 4

The Basics of Bonding

Section 5

Application and bond process

Section 6

Adhesive technologies

Section 7

Failure mode analysis

Section 8


Section 9


In 1876, Fritz Henkel’s pioneering spirit led him to recognise the need for a universal detergent based on silicate. From that day forward, Henkel’s focus on solving technical challenges has helped us build a vast body of expertise as a global manufacturer of adhesives, specialty coatings, laundry products and beauty care products.

LOCTITE®, one of Henkel’s flagship brands, reflects and drives much of that expertise. As the global leader in bonding, sealing and specialty coatings, our passion for solutions that unlock the limitless potential of man and machine allows us to provide the support you need to solve your design, engineering, assembly and maintenance challenges. Our global leadership position in the adhesives market could not have been achieved without the expertise, dedication and knowledge of LOCTITE® and our technical teams across the globe. It is our intention that this expert series will be used as a reference text that enables you to unleash the potential of adhesive technologies beyond the obvious.

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Dr. Nigel Fay portrait

Dr. Nigel Fay

Corporate Vice President Innovation & Application Engineering Henkel Adhesives Technologies

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Dr. Kourosh Bahrami portrait

Dr. Kourosh Bahrami

Senior Vice President Henkel Adhesives Technologies

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This book would not have been possible without their efforts. As we have developed and manufactured adhesive technology and built expert engineering and product development teams, we have learned how to help shape advancements in manufacturing and maintenance processes and seen how adhesives can unlock limitless potential.

Ambra Chierico portrait

Ambra Chierico

Application Engineering Manager Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Gustavo Reyes Gomez portrait

Gustavo Reyes Gomez

Director of Application Engineering General Manufacturing and Maintenance.

Michael Konhausner portrait

Michael Konhäusner

Head of Application Engineering, Eastern European South.

Rudolf Neumayer portrait

Rudolf Neumayer

Sales Excellence and Training Technical Lead.

Lucas Hyunseob Shim portrait

Lucas Hyunseob Shim

Senior Application Engineer.

A special thank you to the editing team:

Sandra Sabella

Current Location: Rocky Hill, CT, USA

Current Position: Lab Operations Engineer

Dan Hutchinson

Current Location: Hemel Hempstead, UK

Current Position: Application Engineer

Kristen Loose

Current Location: Rocky Hill, CT, USA

Current Position: Application Engineer

Chulsoo Woo

Current Location: Shanghai, China

Current Position: Technical Training Manager, APAC.

Steve Rayner

Current Location: Dublin, Ireland

Current Position: Global Innovation Project Manager

Bob Goss

Current Location: Hemel Hempstead, UK

Current Position: Application Engineer

Additional Contributors:

Marjan Potocan

Current Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Current Position: Application Engineer

Pinar Albas Gunduz

Current Location: Rocky Hill, CT, USA

Current Position: Head of Market and Customer Activation

Juan Pablo Rodriguez

Current Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Current Position: Application Engineer

Maria Herzina

Current Location: Vienna, Austria

Current Position: Application Engineer

Lawson Tracy Sargent II

Current Location: Rocky Hill, CT, USA

Current Position: Application Engineer

Håkan Jacbosen

Current Location: Alvik, Stockholm, Sweden

Current Position: Application Engineer