Overview of Substrate Properties

Table 3 presents an overview of the substrate properties for comparison and Table 4 provides an overview of substrate combinations as they relate to joining methods.



Tensile Strength [N/mm2]Elongation at Break [%]E-modulus [N/mm2]Specific Electrical Resistance [Ωmm2/m]Humidity Absorption [%]Temperature Range [C°]Surface Energy [mN/m]Chemical Resistance Corrosion Resistance Transparency UV Resistance
METAL (Annodised) Aluminium 2.7 60-700 45-60 70,000 0.0028 0 up to 350 840 good good no very good
(Stainless) Steel 7.9 300-1,250 6-40 210,000 0.100-0.200 0 up to 1,100 700-1,100 good good no very good
PLASTIC Standard 0.9-1.4 11-80 3-700 200-3,200 >10160-2-40 up to 100 29-51 good very good as well as good
Engineering 1.0-1.4 27-86 1-300 690-8,200 >10100.3-3.0 -100 up to 135 33-54 good very good as well as good
High Performance 1.1-2.4 7-200 2-650 300-31,000 >10170.01-1.10 -200 to 260 15-47 good very good as well as good
Rubber 0.9-1.6 6-30 450-800 10-5,000 >1013 -> 1016n/a -50 up to 300n/amoderate very good no moderate
Composites 1.5-2.1 330-1,100 1-4 24.000-100,000 n/a n/a up to 400 n/a good good no good
Glass 2.5-2.6 30-100 0 70,000 >1013 -> 10170 up to 850 45-500 very good very good yes very good
Hardwood and Softwood 0.4-0.8 11-36 [1]n/a 9,000-17,000 >1010 ->1015n/a up to 60 40-50 n/a n/a no very good
(1) Parallel to the fiber direction

Note. The information given is without guarantee and the values given are only approximate values. For more detailed information, please refer to the respective manufacturer’s specifications.

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