Joggle Lap Joint

The joggle lap joint is a simple method joint designed to address the shortcomings of the simple overlap joint. A properly implemented joggle lap joint will align loads, which will help prevent substrate deformation under high stress loads. The ‘joggle’ will also facilitate the joint assembly by providing a physical and visual indicator of where the bond line is to be situated. This type of joint can be made by simply bending the supports and requires minimal extra processing. This is the simplest and easiest-to-implement design for aligning loads.

Figure 114 Joggle lap joint Overlap Joint, Tapered Edges (Bevelled Lap Joint)

An overlap joint with tapered edges (bevelled lap joint) is more efficient than a simple lap joint because the bevelled edge, created by tapering the ends of the substrates allow for a more even distribution of load. This reduces the concentration of stress at the joint ends and prevents mechanical lifting due to external forces catching the substrate edge. This joint is also aesthetically more pleasing than a simple lap joint.

Figure 115 Overlap joint with tapered or bevelled edges

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