Ambra Chierico

Application Engineering Manager, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal
16 years at Henkel

Current Location: Casarile, Italy
Product Technology Expertise: Polyurethanes, Silane Modified Polymers (SMP), Hotmelts

Ambra joined Henkel after attaining a degree in chemistry from the University of Pavia in Italy.

She started her career in technical customer service, visiting customer manufacturing sites and conducting lab testing to help qualify customer applications. She has worked on many applications for leading international manufacturers, helping to validate adhesive applications in recreational vehicles, filters and household appliances.

During her 16 years with Henkel, she has focused on flexible adhesives (SMP, Silicones), polyurethanes and hotmelts, becoming an expert in these chemistries and technologies. She now leads Henkel’s Technical Customer Service department for Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, helping to develop the next generation of adhesive engineers.

Gustavo Reyes Gomez

Director of Application Engineering General Manufacturing and Maintenance
21 years at Henkel

Current Location: Rocky Hill, CT, USA
Product Technology Expertise: Anaerobic Machinery Adhesives, Cyanoacrylates, Structural Adhesives, Silicones, Silane Modified Polymers (SMP), Polyurethane (PU)

Gustavo joined Henkel in Mexico in 2000 as part of the Engineering Adhesives team. He later became a key account manager in Henkel’s automotive business in Latin America between 2011 and 2012. During this time, he gained experience managing large consumer automotive, commercial truck and bus customers. After a period in Spain as the technical customer service manager for OEM business, Gustavo moved to Henkel’s US headquarters in Rocky Hill, CT, USA, where he has held a number of management roles for vehicle repair and maintenance (VRM) and global technology management. Most recently, in 2020, he took on the role of US technical customer service director for general manufacturing and maintenance.

Throughout his career, Gustavo has been characterised by his dedication to strengthening and developing the knowledge of customer service, sales technicians and the customers with whom he interacts.

Michael Konhäusner

Head of Application Engineering, Eastern European South
31 years at Henkel

Current Location: Vienna, Austria
Product Technology Expertise: Adhesives Generalist, Substrates Expert

Michael started his career at Henkel in 1990 as a sales engineer, helping a wide variety of customers to achieve their design goals through the use of adhesives. Throughout his career in Henkel’s adhesives businesses, he has held various management positions in customer service, sales and marketing, and today he serves as Loctite’s technical customer service manager for Eastern Europe South, where he has been able to fully apply his educational background as a plastics engineer.

Michael has been essential to the success of global training programmes and has helped shape and launch global digitalisation projects.

Rudolf Neumayer

Sales Excellence and Training Technical Lead
33 years at Henkel

Current Location: Munich, Germany
Product Technology Expertise: Anaerobic Machinery Adhesives, Cyanoacrylates, Structural Adhesives

Over Rudolf’s 32 years with Henkel, he has become one of our leading technical experts in Europe, supporting both manufacturing and maintenance operations. He has helped troubleshoot and specify threadlocking applications across a broad range of industries, including heavy duty equipment, powered drive systems, automotive powertrains and general industrial manufacturing. Rudolf holds an engineering degree in plastics technology.

Lucas Hyunseob Shim

Senior Application Engineer
8 years at Henkel

Current Location: Seoul, Korea
Product Technology Expertise: Anaerobic Adhesives, Structural Adhesives, Light Cure Adhesives

Lucas joined Henkel in 2013 as an intern but moved into Application Engineering in 2014. He has an exceptionally strong background in processes currently employed in industrial manufacturing. During his time at Henkel, he has helped customers overcome unique design challenges using adhesives and facilitated innovation in manufactured goods. His experience covers many industries, including electric motors, household appliances, power transformers, LNG and shipbuilding.

Lucas takes great pride in helping end users leverage the knowledge Henkel can offer to build total solutions and bring cutting-edge designs to life.

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