Aqueous Cleaners

Aqueous, or water-based, cleaners are typically used to clean large parts or batch-clean small parts. Parts can be submerged in a heated water bath containing detergents, solvents and surfactants that attract and suspend contaminants. The cleaning cycle may include agitation or ultrasonics. Aqueous cleaning is done at about 60-80°C (140-176°F) and involves timed soaks and rinses with demineralised water. Aqueous cleaners formulated with corrosion inhibitors should be checked for compatibility with the adhesive system to be used.

The cleaning solution in a bath must be monitored and changed periodically. Energy costs include heating the baths and a heated dry cycle, which is recommended to prevent flash rust of ferrous substrates. These cleaning systems are typically not sufficient to remove heavy contamination, such as rust or paint. Used parts may therefore need a more aggressive cleaning technique in addition to aqueous cleaning.

Table 11 Solvent pH effect on cleaning ability for common contaminants
Cutting Fluids
Deep Drawing Oil
Deep Drawing Soap
Hard Oils
Recommended Acceptable Resistance Not Recommended

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