6.3.9 Light Cure Silicone

Light cure silicone belongs to a modern class of rubberised polymers that offer exceptionally fast cure speeds, even when compared to 2C silicone adhesives. These products now offer equivalent cure speeds to those of other light cure adhesive technologies.

6.3.10 Butyl Sealants

Rubber sealants represent an extensive category of sealants based on the IIR and polyisobutylene contained in many formulations. Butyls are plastic (deformable) and chemically non-reactive sealants. Generally, they do not change or cure but are subject to purely physical changes of state. No chemical reaction takes place during application or within the joint.

Butyls are generally 1C elastoplastic polymeric products, and the final properties are obtained immediately after application. Generally, the product is applied and a second substrate is attached and mechanically fixed. In the case of solvent-based products, the final properties are achieved as soon as the solvent has evaporated.

Butyls are suitable for low-tech applications such as air-handling duct work, sealing machinery cabs or other limited low-tech, low-cost applications. They should not be considered for highly engineered assemblies that require reliability and strength.

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