3.1.10 Paper

The paper industry uses several types of adhesives for many applications in various end products. Paper food packaging is bonded with adhesives approved for incidental food contact, such as takeaway beverage cups and paper straws. Paper straws are designed and manufactured to withstand immersion in liquid for one hour or more; this requires the adhesive and paper substrate to remain intact while submerged. After use, the paper material needs to be biodegradable to allow for proper decomposition. Paper degrades faster than plastic, with a reduced impact on the environment.

Adhesives are also used to produce bags, corrugated boards and envelopes. In the hygiene sector, adhesives are used in products for adult incontinence, baby diapers, tissues and towels. In a toilet paper roll, there are four unique applications for adhesives. The first is a core winding adhesive used to produce the cardboard roll. A laminating adhesive bonds the two to four plies of the toilet paper, giving the desired softness. Paper is bonded to the roll with another adhesive called a pick-up adhesive. Finally, the tail sealing adhesive completes the toilet roll. Each of these adhesive types comes in various grades to fulfil the end customer’s expectations and satisfy each production site’s needs. They must all also comply with the strict regulatory requirements of the relevant industry.

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