4.2.5 Health and Safety

Health and safety in the manufacture and use of adhesives is extremely important as adhesives can be harmful if handled improperly. Adhesives manufacturers are required to provide accurate health and safety labelling on both the package of the adhesive and the safety data sheet (SDS). An SDS for an adhesive product contains information, including hazard identification, handling and storage recommendations, and exposure controls. The hazard identification of a specific adhesive must be considered in determining whether an adhesive is suitable for an application. Automated or manual dispensing equipment can be used to minimise potential health and safety concerns for operators wherever possible when using adhesive products.

Agency Approvals

Besides internal approvals and test methods used to verify the efficacy of the bonded assembly, external approvals may also be required, particularly in the following categories:

  1. Medical
  2. Potable water (for human consumption)
  3. Foodstuff (direct contact or non-direct contact)
  4. Fire retardant (direct exposure, flame extinguishing)

These approvals are certified by independent authorised institutes worldwide. Local validity always has to be checked; for example, potable water approvals are typically only valid if certified by local authorities.

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